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Fedora 27 Available Is So Famous, But Why?

We’re pleased to announce that Fedora 27, the latest version of the Fedora operating system, is now available in beta. The Fedora Project is a global community that works together to lead the advancement of free and open source software, culminating in the innovative Fedora operating system which helps to answer end user needs across the computing spectrum.

redhat training bangalore

Bugzilla and Zombie Apocalpyse: The Life Cycle of Bugzilla That Never Told You

Bugzilla is an open source project, details: The instance running at is heavily used for Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Fedora and other projects. While customers interface with us from Red Hat Support mostly via Customer Portal cases, bugzilla is used as an interface between Red Hat Support, Red Hat engineering and partners.

redhat training bangalore

Shocking Ways Managing Hybrid Clouds Will Make You Better

In their current form, these technologies are relatively new. They bring a lot of useful capabilities to IT operations. They also require management capabilities to evolve alongside. Hybrid cloud management needs functions like self-service access under policy-based control, metering and billing, intelligent workload placement, system image provisioning,