• Total Time: 40 Hours
  • PODS Available: 6 - 8



Lab Outline

Discovery Lab 4.5: Getting Started with Cisco CLI

Discovery Lab 5.6: Perform Basic Switch Configuration

Challenge Lab 5.7: Implementing the Initial Switch Configuration

Discovery Lab 6.6: Observe How a Switch Operates

Discovery Lab 7.7: Troubleshoot Switch Media and Port Issues

Discovery Lab 7.8: Troubleshooting Port Duplex Issues

Discovery Lab 10.8: Inspect TCP/IP Applications

Discovery Lab 12.6: Start with Cisco Router Configuration

Discovery Lab 12.9: Configure Cisco Discovery Protocol

Challenge Lab 12.11: Implementing the Initial Router Configuration

Discovery Lab 13.4: Configure Default Gateway

Discovery Lab 13.7: Exploration of Packet Forwarding

Discovery Lab 14.9: Configure and Verify Static Routes

Challenge Lab 14.10: Implementing Static Routing

Discovery Lab 15.9: Configure and Verify ACLs

Challenge Lab 15.13: Implementing Basic Numbered and Named ACLs

Discovery Lab 16.5: Configure a Provider-Assigned IP Address

Discovery Lab 16.11: Configure Static NAT

Discovery Lab 16.16: Configure Dynamic NAT and PAT

Discovery Lab 16.18: Troubleshoot NAT

Challenge Lab 16.19: Implementing PAT

Challenge Lab 17.2: Summary Challenge Lab 1

Challenge Lab 18.2: Summary Challenge Lab 2

Discovery Lab 19.9: Configure VLAN and Trunk

Challenge Lab 19.12: Troubleshooting VLANs and Trunk

Discovery Lab 20.4: Configure a Router on a Stick

Challenge Lab 20.5: Implement Multiple VLANs and Basic Routing Between the VLANs

Discovery Lab 21:5 Configure a Cisco Router as a DHCP server

Discovery Lab 21.7: Troubleshoot DHCP Issues

Challenge Lab 21.8: Implementing a DHCP Server on a Cisco IOS Device

Discovery Lab 22.7: Configure and Verify RIPv2

Discovery Lab 22.8: Troubleshoot RIPv2

Challenge Lab 22.9: Implement RIPv2

Discovery Lab 23.6: Enhance Security of Initial Configuration

Discovery Lab 23.9: Limit Remote Access Connectivity

Challenge Lab 23.10: Securing Device Administrative Access

Discovery Lab 24.6: Configure and Verify Port Security

Discovery Lab 24.11: Configure and Verify NTP

Challenge Lab 24.12: Implementing Device Hardening

Discovery Lab 25.5: Configure Syslog

Challenge Lab 25.6: Configuring System Message Logging

Discovery Lab 26.6: Change the Configuration Register

Discovery Lab 26.13: Create the Cisco IOS Image Backup

Discovery Lab 26.14: Upgrade Cisco IOS Image

Challenge Lab 28.2: Summary Challenge Lab 3

Challenge Lab 29.2: Summary Challenge Lab 4

Discovery Lab 31.6: Configure Basic IPv6 Connectivity

Discovery Lab 32.4: Configure IPv6 Static Routes

Challenge Lab 32.5: Implement IPv6 Static Routing