• Total Time: 40 Hours
  • PODS Available: 50


Lab Outline

Discovery Lab 1.6: Troubleshoot VLANs and Trunks

Challenge Lab 1.7: Troubleshooting VLANs and Trunks

Discovery Lab 2.11: Configure Root Bridge and Analyze STP Topology

Discovery Lab 2.14: Troubleshoot STP Issues

Challenge Lab 2.15: Building Redundant Switched Topologies

Discovery Lab 3.4: Configure and Verify EtherChannel

Challenge Lab 3.5: Improving Redundant Switched Topologies with EtherChannel

Discovery Lab 4.5: Configure and Verify HSRP

Discovery Lab 4.6: Troubleshoot HSRP

Challenge Lab 4.7: Implementing sand Troubleshooting HSRP

Discovery Lab 5.3: Use Troubleshooting Tools

Discovery Lab 5.7: Configure SPAN

Discovery Lab 5.10: Configure and Verify IPv4 Extended Access Lists

Discovery Lab 5.12: Troubleshoot IPv4 Network Connectivity

Challenge Lab 5.13: Troubleshooting IPv4 Connectivity

Discovery Lab 6.8: Configure and Verify IPv6 Extended Access Lists

Discovery Lab 6.10: Troubleshoot IPv6 Network Connectivity

Challenge Lab 6.11: Troubleshooting IPv6 Connectivity

Discovery Lab 7.7: Configure and Verify EIGRP

Challenge Lab 7.9: Implementing EIGRP

Discovery Lab 8.3: Configure and Verify EIGRP for IPv6

Discovery Lab 9.6: Troubleshoot EIGRP

Challenge Lab 9.7: Troubleshooting EIGRP

Challenge Lab 10.2: Summary Challenge Lab: 1

Challenge Lab 11.2: Summary Challenge Lab: 2

Discovery Lab 12.10: Configure and Verify Single-Area OSPF

Discovery Lab 13.4: Configure and Verify MultiArea OSPF

Challenge Lab 13.5: Implementing MultiArea OSPF

Discovery Lab 14.3: Configure and Verify OSPFv3

Challenge Lab 14.4: Implementing OSPFv3 for IPv6

Discovery Lab 15.7: Troubleshoot MultiArea OSPF

Challenge Lab 15.8: Troubleshooting OSPF

Discovery Lab 17.4: Configure Serial Interface and PPP

Discovery Lab 17.5: Configure and Verify MLP

Discovery Lab 17.6: Configure and Verify PPPoE Client

Challenge Lab 17.7: Implementing WAN Using Point-to-Point Protocols

Discovery Lab 18.3: Configure and Verify GRE Tunnel

Challenge Lab 18.4: Implementing GRE Tunnel

Discovery Lab 19.4: Configure and Verify Single Homed EBGP

Challenge Lab 19.5: Implementing Single-Homed EBGP

Discovery Lab 20.4: Configure External Authentication using RADIUS and TACACS+

Discovery Lab 20.6: Configure SNMP

Challenge Lab 20.7: Implementing Device Management and Security

Discovery Lab 21.7: EAI Explore APIC-EM Graphical User Interface

Challenge Lab 23.2: Summary Challenge Lab: 3

Challenge Lab 24.2: Summary Challenge Lab: 4