• Total Time: 40 Hours
  • PODS Available: 50


Lab Outline

Discovery Lab 2.3: Configuring RIPng

Challenge Lab 2.5: Configure RIPng

Discovery Lab 3.5: Configuring and Investigating Basic EIGRP

Discovery Lab 3.10 : Building the EIGRP Topology Table

Discovery Lab 3.19: EIGRP Stub Routing

Discovery Lab 3.22: EIGRP Summarization

Discovery Lab 3.24: EIGRP Load Balancing

Challenge Lab 3.25: Configure EIGRP

Discovery Lab 4.3: EIGRP for IPv6 Configuration

Challenge Lab 4.5: Configure and Optimize EIGRP for IPv6

Discovery Lab 5.3: Discovering the Named EIGRP Configuration

Challenge Lab 5.6: Implement EIGRP for IPv4 and IPv6 through Named Configuration

Discovery Lab 6.7: Basic OSPF Configuration Introduction

Discovery Lab 6.15: Building the Link-State Database

Discovery Lab 6.20:OSPF Path Selection

Challenge Lab 6.24: Configure OSPF

Discovery Lab 7.4: OSPF Route Summarization

Discovery Lab 7.8: OSPF Stub Areas

Challenge Lab 7.12: Optimize OSPF

Discovery Lab 8.2: Implementing OSPFv3

Challenge Lab 8.5 : Configure OSPFv3

Discovery Lab 9.6: Basic Redistribution

Discovery Lab 9.15: Manipulate Redistribution

Discovery Lab 9.21: Manipulate Redistribution Using Route Maps

Challenge Lab 9.25: Implement Redistribution Using Route Filtering

Discovery Lab 10.6: Analyzing Cisco Express Forwarding

Discovery Lab 10.11: Implementing PBR

Challenge Lab 10.16: Implement Path Control

Discovery Lab 11.16: Configuring NAT Virtual Interface

Discovery Lab 11.18: Basic IPv6 Internet Connectivity

Discovery Lab 12.14: Basic BGP Configuration

Discovery Lab 12.20: Influencing BGP Path Selection

Challenge Lab 12.33: Configuring BGP

Discovery Lab 13.5: BGP for IPv6

Discovery Lab 15.3: Configuring EIGRP Authentication

Challenge Lab 15.7: Configure Authentication for EIGRP Routes

Discovery Lab 16.3: OSPF Authentication Configuration

Challenge Lab 16.9: Configuring BGP Authentication