• Total Time: 40 Hours
  • PODS Available: 50


Lab Outline

Discovery Lab 2.6: Investigating the CAM

Challenge Lab 2.18: Network Discovery

Discovery Lab 4.2: Configuring VLANs and Trunks

Discovery Lab 4.12: VTP Operation

Discovery Lab 5.3: Exploring DHCP

Challenge Lab 5.6: Configure DHCP

Discovery Lab 6.6: Obtaining IPv6 Addresses Dynamically

Challenge Lab 6.8: Configure DHCPv6

Discovery Lab 7.5: EtherChannel Configuration and Load Balancing

Challenge Lab 7.9: Configure EtherChannel

Discovery Lab 8.11: Discovering and Modifying STP Behavior

Challenge Lab 8.17: Implementing Rapid Spanning-Tree

Discovery Lab 9.8: Root Guard

Challenge Lab 9.19: Improving STP Configuration

Discovery Lab 10.6 : Configuring MST

Challenge Lab 10.11: Configure MST

Discovery Lab 11.3: Routing with an External Router

Challenge Lab 11.5: Configure Routing Between VLANs Using a Router

Discovery Lab 12.4 : Routing on a Multilayer Switch

Challenge Lab 12.9: Configure Routing on a Multilayer Switch

Discovery Lab 13.6: NTP Configuration

Challenge Lab 13.13: Configure NTP

Discovery Lab 15.4: IP SLA Echo Configuration

Challenge Lab 15.9: Configure IP SLA Monitoring

Discovery Lab 18.4: Configuring and Tuning HSRP

Challenge Lab 18.14: Configure HSRP with Load Balancing

Discovery Lab 19.3: Configure VRRP and Spot the Difference from HSRP

Challenge Lab 19.6: Configure VRRP with Load Balancing

Discovery Lab: 20.5 Configure GLBP

Challenge Lab 20.10: Implement GLBP

Challenge Lab 21.6: Configure HSRP for IPv6

Discovery Lab 22.8: Port Security

Challenge Lab 22.13: Controlling Network Access Using Port Security