• Total Time: 40 Hours
  • PODS Available: 50


Lab Outline

Initial Configuration of Cisco ISE

Complete Cisco ISE GUI Setup

Integrate Cisco ISE with Active Directory

Integrating Cisco ISE with a second Microsoft Active Directory

Basic Policy Configuration

Configure Guest Access

Guest Access Operations

Guest Reports

Configuring Profiling

Customizing the Cisco ISE Profiling Configuration

ISE Profiling Reports

BYOD Configuration

Device Blacklisting


Configuring Client Provisioning

Configuring Posture Policies

Testing and Monitoring Compliance Based Access

Compliance Policy Testing

MDM Integration with Cisco ISE

MDM Access and Configuration

Client Access with MDM

Using Cisco ISE for VPN Access

Configuring Backups and Patching

Configuring Administrative Access

Review of General Tools

Report Operations