• Total Time: 40 Hours
  • PODS Available: 6


Lab Outline

Challenge 1: Troubleshooting Client DHCP Issues

Challenge 2: Troubleshooting AP Discovery and Join Failures

Challenge 3: Verifying Client Authentication Issues Using Prime Troubleshooting Tools

Challenge 4: Troubleshooting Guest Network Issues

Challenge 5: Spectrum Analysis Using metageek Chanalyzer

Challenge 6: Poor Performance on 2.4 GHz

Challenge 7: APs Are Not Joining the Controller, Example 1

Challenge 8: APs Are Not Joining the Controller, Example 2

Challenge 9: Client Roaming Is Not Handled Seamlessly

Challenge 10: No Access to wlc1 from the Network, Example 1

Challenge 11: No Access to wlc2 from the Network, Example 2

Challenge 12: New 802.11ac APs Are Not at Maximum Performance

Challenge 13: FlexConnect Local Switched WLAN Issue

Challenge 14: FlexConnect APs Cannot Authenticate New Users

Challenge 15: Client Authentication Failure