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VNX Block Storage Performance Workshop (MR-1CN-VNXBP)

Course Description

Duration 3 days

Who should attend

This course is intended for any person who presently manages or plans to manage VNX Block performance, and architect and position customer solutions with VNX Block Storage Systems.


To understand the content and successfully complete this course, a student should have knowledge and skills associated with the following:

  • VNX Block models, components, management options and features
  • Data integrity and availability features found in a VNX Block storage system
  • VNX Block performance, storage configuration and provisioning concepts
  • SAN terminology, features, architecture, theory of operations, and management for Fibre Channel and iSCSI SANs
  • SnapView, MirrorView and SAN Copy operation, terminology and performance

Course Objectives

Upon successful completion of this course, participants should be able to:

  • Use VNX Block performance measuring tools
  • Analyze VNX Block performance issues
  • Configure a VNX Block system for good performance
  • Determine the impact of using VNX Block Replication Software

Course Content

The content of this course are designed to support the course objectives. The following focus areas are included in this course:

Performance and the VNX Block Storage System
  • Defining performance
  • VNX Block architecture and operation
Performance Tools
  • Unisphere and Navisphere Secure CLI
  • Unisphere Analyzer
  • Performance analysis with Unisphere Analyzer
  • Host-based performance monitoring tools
Factors Affecting VNX Block Performance
  • Environment-related factors
  • VNX Block-related factors
VNX Block Replication Software
  • VNX Block Local Replication Software
  • VNX Block Remote Replication Software

In addition to lecture and demonstrations, this course includes labs designed to allow practical experience for the participant.

Course Curriculum

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