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NetApp Data Protection Software Administration (NPSA8)

Course Description

Duration 2 Days

Become proficient with Data ONTAP Snapshot®, SnapRestore®, SnapMirror®, SnapVault®, Open Systems SnapVault technologies used to replicate and restore mission-critical data in the enterprise. Backup and restore operations are taught using the NetApp storage system command line, OnCommand System Manager, and the protection and provisioning capabilities of the OnCommand Unified Manager. The course also provides an overview of the NetApp SnapProtect solution, the DataFabric Manager Server Plug-in for Symantec NetBackup, and NetApp Syncsort Integrated Backup (NSB).

Who should attend

NetApp customers, support personnel and storage administrators who use SnapMirror, SnapRestore, SnapVault, Open Systems SnapVault, SnapLock®, and LockVault™


The following pre-requisites or equivalent knowledge are required for this course:

Data ONTAP 7-Mode Administration (D7ADM)

Course Objectives

By the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Describe NetApp protection technology and the NetApp integrated data-protection solutions that are supported in Data ONTAP 8.1
  • Manage local Snapshot copies
  • Manage Data ONTAP 8.1 7-Mode SnapMirror replication
  • Manage SnapVault and Open Systems SnapVault replication
  • Use OnCommand Unified Manager protection and provisioning capability to set up and manage backup and restore operations

Detailed Course Outline

Module 1 NetApp and Third-Party Data-Protection Technologies
  • Describe the Date ONTAP 8.1 7-Mode replication technologies that are based on Snapshot technology
  • Describe NetApp and third-party technologies that are used to manage data protection activities
Module 2 Managing Snapshot Copies
  • Describe Snapshot copiesnd space reserve
  • Create, schedule, monitor Snapshot copies
  • Manage busy Snapshot copies
  • Manage Snapshot copy space reclamation
  • Configure Snapshot autodelete policies
  • Use SnapRestore software to restore data
  • Use the command line or OnCommand System Manager to manage Snapshot copies
Module 3 Managing SnapMirror Technology
  • Describe SnapMirror replication software for Data ONTAP 8.1 7-Mode
  • Set up SnapMirror relationships
  • Set options, monitor relationships, and locate log files
  • Use snapmirror commands to fail over and fail back
Module 4 Managing SnapVault Technology
  • Describe SnapVault and Open Systems SnapVault functionality
  • Set up SnapVault backup and restore operations on NetApp primary and secondary storage systems
  • Set up Open Systems SnapVault to back up primary data
Module 5 Using OnCommand Unified Manager Protection and Provisioning Capabilities
  • Use the Operations Manager UI and NetApp Management Console to design and implement the protection and provisioning capabilities of OnCommand Unified Manager
  • Locate and protect unprotected data
  • Import relationships into OnCommand Unified Manager
  • Use the NetApp Management Console Restore Wizard to restore data
Lab Exercises

Lab 1-1 Identify the hardware in your equipment set
Lab 1-2 Login to the exercise environment
Lab 1-3 License the storage systems
Lab 1-4 Set up OnCommand System Manager
Lab 1-5 Enable and manage deduplication
Lab 1-6 Install OnCommand Unified Manager
Lab 2-1 Use the command line to manage Snapshot copies
Lab 2-2 Provide user access to Snapshot copies
Lab 2-3 Create FlexClone copies and manage busy Snapshot copies
Lab 2-4 Manage automatic Snapshot deletion
Lab 2-5 Use NetApp System Manager to create and manage Snapshot copies
Lab 2-6 Reclaim space by deleting Snapshot copies
Lab 3-1 Manage SnapMirror relationships
Lab 3-2 Test fail over and fail back for the SnapMirror relationship
Lab 3-3 Simulate a disaster recovery and fail over to the mirror
Lab 3-4 Resynchronize the SnapMirror relationship
Lab 3-5 Use OnCommand System Manager to set up SnapMirror relationships
Lab 4-1 Create and update SnapVault relationships
Lab 4-2 Restore data
Lab 4-3 Enable deduplication on the SnapVault secondary volume
Lab 4-4 Clean up obsolete SnapVault relationships
Lab 4-5 Locate the SnapVault log file
Lab 5-1 Install the Open Systems SnapVault agent on a Windows host
Lab 5-2 Prepare the NetApp system for Open Systems SnapVault
Lab 5-3 Back up and restore an Open Systems directory by using the command line
Lab 5-4 Restore data for Open Systems directories
Lab 5-5 Restart the Open Systems SnapVault relationships
Lab 5-6 Configure storage system login credentials in Operations Manager UI
Lab 5-7 Download and install the NetApp Management Console (NMC)
Lab 5-8 Create a resource pool
Lab 5-9 Create a provisioning policy
Lab 5-10 Configure a protection policy for local backups
Lab 5-11 Configure a protection policy for remote backups
Lab 5-12 Configure a protection policy for mirror replication
Lab 5-13 Define schedules
Lab 5-14 Create dataset containers
Lab 5-15 List and set DFM options
Lab 5-16 Monitor and protect unprotected data
Lab 5-17 Import relationships into OnCommand Protection Manager
Lab 5-18 Restore data

Course Curriculum

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