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Ghost and Solution Suite 2.5 (GSS)

Course Description

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The Symantec Ghost Solution Suite 2.5 course builds your knowledge of the Symantec Ghost Solution Suite, enabling you to deploy systems across your network and maintain client computers effectively and efficiently.

Who should attend

This course is for network and system administrators, IT managers, IT support personnel, and other network operations staff who are responsible for deploying new computers across their organizations, managing ongoing software and hardware configuration tasks for computers, and retiring outdated computers.


You should have working knowledge of network topology, TCP/IP networking, basic network administration; and a conceptual understanding of network design and best practices.

Course Objectives

By the end of this course, you should be able to:

  • Build boot packages that can be used to create and restore images, connect to a multicast server, or boot to DOS.
  • Manually create and restore images using the DOSbased graphical user interfaces for both Ghost and DeployCenter.
  • Apply best practices for creating a master image file to deploy systems across a network.
  • Use the multicasting technologies included in the Ghost Solution Suite to deploy images to systems across a network.
  • Use Ghost’s command line interface and DeployCenter’s scripting language to automate image creation and restoration processes.
  • Use the Ghost Console to organize and manage client computers.
  • Capture user profile settings from a computer and restore them to the same computer or to another computer.
  • Use Ghost AutoInstall to capture changes made on a single Windows computer, and then use the Ghost Console to quickly deploy these changes to other machines across a network.
  • Collect information from machines managed by the Ghost Console and use this information to generate software and hardware inventory reports so you can target specific machine configurations for tasks.
  • Use the GDisk utility included with Symantec Ghost to assist you in retiring aging systems.

Course Content

  • Computer Lifecycle Management and Symantec Products
  • Ghost Solution Suite Product Overview
  • Installing the Ghost Solution Suite
  • Creating Boot Packages
  • Using Boot Packages
  • Creating and Restoring Images
  • Creating a Master Image File
  • Deploying Images
  • Automating the Creation and Restoration of Images
  • Creating AutoInstall Packages to Automate Post-Deployment Customizations
  • Integrating and Configuring Windows Desktop Computers in the Ghost Console
  • Using the Ghost Console to Create and Restore Images
  • Using the Ghost Console to Migrate OS-Based User Profiles
  • Using the Ghost Console to Perform Post-Deployment Customizations
  • Using Client Inventory Reports in the Ghost Console
  • Preparing to Remove a Computer from Production

Course Curriculum

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